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The resources and support provided by Dr. Nobles are intended to explain, interpret and inspire the restoration of African people. The focus is to always illuminated the powerful realization that Black people are the unending totality of possibility and potential.

  • Luncheon Keynotes

  • Small Group discussions

  • Workshops

  • Classroom Lectures

  • Seminars

  • Panel Participations

  • Radio Interviews

  • Television Interviews

  • Booksignings

  • Think-tank Brainstorming

Professional Development and Trainings

The provision of professional development and staff training is intimately tied to the life’s work of Dr. Nobles. Along wit Dr. Goddard, the last institutional initiative of the Institute was the establishment of CePDI. CePDI was designed as an openly and unapologetically culturally congruent (African Centered) professional development initiative designed in alignment with African American cultural reality. In continuing the thrust of CePDI, Dr. Nobles provides PD and staff development training that enables health care, behavioral health, child and family support services, correctional (both adult and juvenile) and educational systems to increase their capacity to work in more culturally congruent (African centered) ways with African American populations.


Training Concentrations

  • Wellness and Behavioral (Mental) Health

  • Social Services

  • Probation

  • Education

  • Family Life

  • Youth Development

  • Community Revitalization

  • Workforce Development

  • Corporate Executive Leadership

(partial listing)

Framed as conversations, all the resources, support and lectures provided by Dr. Nobles are dedicated to touching the heart and freeing the mind.

    • African Philosophy: The Nile Valley Foundations of Psychology

    • Black Psychology and the Restoration of the African Psyche

    • Historical, Contemporary Trauma and Psychic Terrorism

    • African Philosophy and Deep Thought

    • African centered thought, and culturally congruent Intervention

    • Spiritness and the Reclamation of Black Humanity

    • Challenging the Western Grand Narrative and Advancing Blackness

    • Nsaka Sunsum : The Pedagogy and Process of Black Educational Excellence

    • Youth Development and Transformation

    • The Alignment with Excellence in the Academy: Contributions of African Deep Thought in Psychology and Educaion.

    • Community Revitalization and Restoration

    • Resisting the Toxicities, White Supremacy, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Violence, etc. in America

    • African Well-being and the Healing of Humanity

    • African-American Family and Relationships

    • African American Male Development

    • Fundamental Task and Challenge of Black Psychology

    • The Reunification of Black family Life, the Reclamation of Black culture and the Revitalization of the Black community

    • The Legacy of White Supremacy in Western Psychology

    • Sakhu Sheti, Ufufunyane and Spirit Illness: Relocating Human Disfunctioning

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